Disputes and investigations

Associo brings improved efficiency and rigour to the analysis of complex legal and factual issues, reducing risk and cost for clients and enhancing the competitiveness of legal teams.

Compliance and disclosures

Associo makes it easier to manage the factual and legal issues that determine whether organisations are complying with their obligations and ensure that their disclosures are accurate and supported by evidence.

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Traditional reasoning methods are inefficient and unreliable

Problem metaphor
  • The traditional way of reaching conclusions and developing arguments is to describe the analysis in words. Reasoning carried out this way has many shortcomings. For example:
  • • It is easy to make logical errors and hard to spot them
  • • It is hard to work collaboratively with team members and clients
  • • It is time-consuming to update the analysis when new information comes in
  • • Relevant information is easy to forget and hard to access

Associo enables people to carry out legal and factual analysis in a graphical and structured way that is faster and more reliable than traditional reasoning methods

Associo's solution
  • Using Associo, you and your collaborators can:
  • • More easily rationalise and review all the information relevant to each issue that has to be assessed
  • • Efficiently develop views on each point
  • • Readily identify and resolve differences of view amongst team members, to reach a robust collaborative conclusions
  • • Quickly follow through the impact of new or changed evidence or upstream conclusions
  • • Work as 'one mind', even within large teams of people working from different locations
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David Blayney photoDavid Blayney QC, CEO

“Once you have applied this structured approach to legal and factual analysis, you will never want to return to doing it the old way.”

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