Reduce your risk and costs by making it easier to apply and show compliance with complex rules, regulations and contracts.

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Rules and guidance on complex or nuanced issues are hard to apply

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  • Rules and guidance apply throughout organisations and people struggle to apply them correctly...
  • ...especially when they are busy and overloaded with information.
  • Tick-box reasoning is too simplistic for important or complex issues.
  • Expertise is expensive but mistakes can be costly.

We add structure to the reasoning process, making it easier for people to apply rules and guidance on complex and nuanced issues

Associo's solution
  • We use cutting-edge graph database technology to help people build well-reasoned conclusions supported by evidence and logic.
  • Using interactive ‘modules’ that internal or external experts can build with no coding experience, your people can apply rules and guidance efficiently, consistently and reliably.

We help organisations manage and keep track of important analysis

Associo's solution
  • Associo workspaces provide a complete record of conclusions, reasoning and evidence.
  • Complex or nuanced issues can be analysed consistently across the organisation and management get a real-time view of where action is required.
  • We make it easier for organisations to understand and manage their compliance risks, and to demonstrate compliance.

We make it easier to get (and provide) expert help building the analysis

Associo's solution
  • Our interactive modules are a highly effective way of delivering ‘self-service’ expertise and re-using time spent understanding complex rule structures.
  • And by enabling experts to provide targeted assistance right inside the analysis, we make it possible for experts to provide bespoke expertise more efficiently than before.
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David Blayney photoDavid Blayney QC, Founder

“Organisations struggle to manage complex and nuanced reasoning, but this is often where the greatest risk and cost is incurred. Associo provides a compelling solution to that problem.”

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